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Tutorial on how to use the course repository

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Date: Tuesday, 25 September 2018, 2:31 AM

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The courses that are published in academic office homepage for the current semester are also available in JNC course repository. Each of the courses are framed in a topical format as given in the course outline/syllabus provided by the course instructors for their respective course.


Login accounts for each course instructors for the present semester (January 2013) have already been created. Your username is your first name and password is the same. Kindly change your password during your first login.

Please write to nabonita [ A T ], if you encounter any issue with login.

How to add/edit topic in a course?

Step 1: Select the course from the course list where the new topic needs to be added. Click on the top right handside to toggle the edit mode.

The courses are already configured in a topical format.
Fig. 1

The courses are already configured in a topical format. In the above interface (fig. 1), you may choose the icon as shown by the arrow to add or delete a topic.
To change the heading of a topic click 4, make the changes and click 'Save'.

Step 2: Upload a file or create a folder related to the topic

5Click on6to upload a course material for the chosen topic. Choose 'folder' (as shown in Fig. 2)and click add.









Fig. 2

The screen will appear as shown in Fig. 3. Enter the title and description of the folder and upload the files by dragging and dropping into the files section. Click 'Save and return to course'.
7Fig. 3

Files will get uploaded in the chosen folder under a topic as shown in Fig. 4.


Fig. 4

How to change the course settings

Step 1: Select the course from   the Course list as shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1

Step 2: Click and select 'Edit settings' from the left menu as shown in Fig. 2.

Fig. 2

Step 3: Make the required setting changes in the selected course as course instructor (Fig. 3) and save.

Fig. 3

How to enroll students?

How to post assignments?